Tax-Related Information (THOPX)

U.S. Government Obligations Information for the Year 2017

Ordinary Dividend
(per share)
% from Direct
Obligation of
the US Gov't
% from Indirect
Obligation of
the US Gov't
0.3490 0.53% 0.25%

Qualified Dividend Income under the 
Jobs & Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003

Qualified Dividend Income Percentage

Qualifying Corporate Dividends

Ordinary Dividend
(per share)
% Deductible Under
IRC Section 243
0.3490 8.94%


State & Territory Securities Information

  % of Ordinary Dividend
District of Columbia 0.09%
Florida 0.05%
Guam 0.02%
Kentucky 0.04%
Michigan 0.08%
New Jersey 0.78%
Ohio 0.05%
Oklahoma 0.02%
Pennsylvania 0.03%


Yearly Tax Letter
2017 Tax Letter

Shareholders should consult their tax advisors and/or call your state’s tax inquiry center to determine how this information may apply to your particular tax situation.

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